AHC Conference, 20/10/22. RCPE Edinburgh. © Malcolm Cochrane Photography +44 (0)7971 835 065 mail@malcolmcochrane.co.uk No syndication No reproduction without permission

Day 2: (Theme: The Present). We had speakers (researchers/clinicians) speaking and presenting about topics such as sharing current research on the life course, clinical perspective, and key dilemmas for clinicians, researchers and families. Updates from laboratory research and the value of the multi-disciplinary teams in managing AHC & ATP1A3 diseases. The day ended with an evening of entertainment in the great hall (Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh) with a bagpipe Scottish welcome, dinner, drinks, Elwin’s moving song written for AHC Champions and ending with the traditional ceilidh (Scottish dancing). #10yearsatp1a3 #AHCAwareness #1inamillion #AHC #neurology



We would like to thank Malcolm Cochrane for all the amazing professional pictures he has taken for the symposium.


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