This is a guest post sent by Rachel who is mummy to little Samuel and is keeping everyone informed (The first post) of the amazing marathon Samuel is undergoing and all the fundraising the family are doing for all our AHC Champions.

Week 2

This week has been a little tougher for Samuel as, not only has it seen him return to school for the first time since mid-December (awesome but very tiring), the weather has also been truly foul!  High winds, torrential rain, and even hailstones!  Not to be deterred, he has now reached a total of 20 laps taking him across the 10 km mark to 10,320 meters run.  Every day it has been his choice to run or not and every day apart from one (to be honest, we dissuaded him as he was so tired after school) he has chosen to – in his words – ‘Run for Anya’. 

Attaching below is a slideshow of the laps Samuel went through with each lap caption of the slide below:

Slide 1: Lap 15. Super-tired today after his first day back at school since December, so we tied it in with my run and did it together.

Slide 2: Lap 16 – raring to go today!

Slide 3: Lap 17 in truly filthy weather! We held hands to get around this one in driving wind and rain.

Slide 4: Very tired at the end of his first week back at school so Jules pedalled around with him for encouragement

Slide 5: Lap 19 in really ferocious wind

Slide 6: Lap 20, taking him over the 10 k.m mark – High five for the end of his 20th lap!

Almost a quarter of the way there! Thank you to everyone who has sent him messages of encouragement (I share them all with him) and/or made a donation to support the fundraising for Anya and all the amazing AHC champions. 

Lap 21 here we come…..

Here you can donate to Samuel’s Marathon:

Please leave your message of support & love for Samuel – He is such an inspiration to us all !!

Thank you

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